Why choose Bermondsey Cat Sitters?

As lifetime cat owners ourselves, Bermondsey Cat Sitters understand that they can be territorial creatures and usually prefer their home comforts, familiar surroundings and  usual routine while you are away. This is why many loving cat owners choose our cat sitting services, as opposed to taking their beloved animals to catteries or cat boarding facilities, which many cats find distressing.

If this is the case with your cats, then our fully insured professional cat sitters will visit your and care for your cat in their own home, where they feel comfortable and safe. We will also give your cat as much attention and love and he or she likes- we will never force a cat to interact with us if they prefer to remain aloof or take a little time to get used to strangers.

Our cat sitting services also mean that you don’t always have to rely on a neighbour, friend or a relative to look after your cats while you are away, especially when it is difficult to fit in regular visits around busy lifestyles and commitments. With our services, you can enjoy your break with complete peace of mind.

If your cat or cats have ongoing medical conditions or are senior cats, then we are able to administer medications as per your instructions while cat sitting. We will always check if we are unsure or have a query about the dosage, as we know how careful one needs to be. We have three elderly cats ourselves (18 years of age), whose medications range from thyroid tablets and creams, to pain relief and other medicine.

While we are unable at present to give injections or in depth veterinary care, we are very used to administering a range of medicines (and using a range of devious techniques, such as disguising pills in food to medicate even the most stubborn of cats). We are also used to monitoring our own cats for signs of changes and or potential problems and we will alert you of these at all times. If we feel it is an emergency, we will alert you and make sure your cat is taken to your vets swiftly.

If you would like to know more about us see here, or you can also go right ahead and book our services.