About Bermondsey Cat Sitters

Bermondsey Cat Sitters are professional cat sitters operating in Bermondsey and the surrounding areas, and parts of South East London.

We have 20+ years of experience of caring for cats, with particular expertise in senior or elderly cats (from ages 14 years and up). Our friendly and professional carers will ensure your cats are looked after with the utmost care, attention and love while you are away, giving you peace of mind and confidence in the knowledge that you will return to a happy, healthy and contented pet.

We are life-long cat lovers and enthusiasts and treat all of the cats in our care with love and affection, that comes with many years of cat ownership. We are also responsible adults and will carefully follow your instructions and tend to your cat’s particular needs, as well as keep you updated on your pet with every visit we make.

Bermondsey Cat Sitters are fully insured and have excellent links with our local veterinary surgeons, should there be a problem with your cat while you are away. If your cat has an ongoing medical condition, we also have experience of monitoring cats for any change in their condition and are able to administer simple medications, such as pills, drops, and food supplements as directed.

We will also take the greatest care with your home and offer a range of complementary services alongside our cat sitting, such as watering plants, turning lights on and off and taking post in. We will also work closely with a neighbour or friend if you would like us to.

If Bermondey Cat Sitters sound like the right cat sitters for you, please do contact us for a discussion or to arrange your free, no obligation visit to meet your cat/s and talk about your requirements.

If you would prefer, you can also go right ahead and book your cat sitting services here.